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    Planning modernization of production capacities? Building a plant equipped with modern imported equipment from scratch? Purchasing a production line abroad?
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    Transportation of small cargoes from several dispatchers by the shortest route on one vehicle is one of the main specializations of the PROJECTA Group of Companies. Our company is a large strategic consolidator in various industries and service centers of famous dealer companies of the global manufacturers.
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    Transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy load cargoes is a main specialization of the PROJECTA company. We are glad to offer individual logistics solutions for wide, high, and heavy cargoes, which have to be delivered by motor transport as well as by sea, railway or air transportation.
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    As is known, aircraft delivery of cargoes to long distances is the fastest existing method of transportation. Due to the established chains with the leading aviation companies and strategic agents-consolidators, our company is glad to offer the door-to-door service of air transportations almost with no geographic limits.
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    This kind of logistics is usually an integral part of multimodal transportations, which allows to significantly reduce transportation costs. As is known, water transportation is the most cost-saving, at the same time the transit time often has to be sacrificed.
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    The distinctive feature of the PROJECTA service is providing individual engineering solutions for complex cargoes and situations which require technical knowledge and relative experience. When implementing an additional complex of measures enhancing cargo safety condition, the usefulness of the engineering compound in our company should be specially noted.
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Planning modernization of production capacities? Building a plant equipped with modern imported equipment from scratch? Purchasing production line abroad? PROJECTA will find the best solution!
    The Russian embargo served as a springboard for agricultural development in the Russian Federation, which in recent years has been showing a positive trend. Production volumes are growing, import of food products is decreasing, new enterprises are being launched, there has been observed investment activity in many sectors, including protected ground. It is worth noting that the launch of the greenhouse complex is the culmination point of the whole process, but until this point, the project must go through many often complex stages, one of which is logistics. We will deliver and carry out customs clearance of greenhouse structures, greenhouse equipment, energy.
    One of the most important industries is directly related to human health. Of course, health, first of all, begins with lifestyle, sports, proper nutrition, sleeping, working on yourself, but, as you know, there are often cases when a person needs medical care. However, what if the pharmaceutical preparations are not easily accessible, or if the technical equipment of the public health service does not provide the necessary assistance? The PROJECTA team seeks to promote the development of the medical industry and is ready to offer its logistics capabilities for project implementation.
    Forest plays a triple role in our lives. First of all, acting as one of the main parts of the environment, the forest has a great influence on the climate: it provides clean water, clean air, protects agricultural land, creates places for comfortable living and recreation for people, preserves the diversity of wildlife (environment-forming or ecological role of the forest). On the other hand, the forest is the source of a variety of material resources: wood for construction, fuel pellets, for the production of paper and furniture, food and medicinal plants (the economic role of the forest). And, of course, the forest is part of the cultural and historical environment, thanks to which the culture and customs of entire nations are being formed.
    Metal can be called one of the most necessary materials of the construction group, which is produced in metallurgical enterprises. It is worth noting that it is the result of the joint work of several industries. The production cycle is a rather labor-intensive process, which, depending on the company's activities (smelting, ore beneficiation, raw materials extraction, transportation and sorting, development, etc.), requires using various tools, equipment, and equipment that allow providing the workflow with maximum efficiency and economic feasibility.
    The petrochemical industry is a branch of the fuel and energy complex. At the same time, often the equipment or machines used in the petrochemical industry are of large dimensions and weight, which, from the logistics point of view, can characterize it as an industry of out-of-gauge cargo. Our solutions are suitable for engineering companies, factories, complexes, suppliers of specialized equipment and machinery. We are happy to respond to cooperation in the fuel and energy sector and we can confidently say that our service provides a high level of professionalism, reliability and financial security.
    If we turn to history, it will become obvious that in industrial society, engineering was the leading industry. It demonstrated the level of development of the country, and also played a leading role in military equipment. When society turned into informational status, mechanical engineering did not lose its position in relation to the past, but on the contrary, it seeks to keep up with modernity and to offer such means of production that ensure the competitiveness of the economy not only of individual countries but of entire regions. Our possibilities for logistics in the field of engineering can really be called limitless. Our team is pleased to offer a variety of logistics options for completely different tasks.
This section presents the results of our work, which we are proud of, and which we would like to demonstrate to you! PROJECTA is a company with many years of positive experience.
Перевозка JLG 1250AJP
Перевозка of DEUTZ-FAHR 9060 HTS combine-harvester and DEUTZ-FAHR DH 630 A reaper
Office in Minsk
Minsk, 95 Partizansky ave., office 40. 220026
Office in Smolensk
Smolensk, Nikolaeva str. 11. 214004
Office in Karaganda
Karaganda, Molokova str. 102, office 406. 100004
Office in Almaty
Bogenbay Batyr str., 142, office 415. 050000, Almaty
Representative in China
China, Shandong province, Qingdao city, licun district, Fulin wanjia 2qi dongqu 4/1
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