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Metal can be called one of the most necessary materials of the construction group, which is produced at metallurgical enterprises. It is important to note that it is the result of the collaboration of several industries, and in turn, it is divided into two large groups:

  • non-ferrous metallurgy - is responsible for the production of metals that have certain properties (lead, copper, zinc, etc.);
  • ferrous metallurgy - this group includes those metals in which iron predominates.


The production cycle is a rather laborious process that requires, depending on the direction of the company's activity (smelting, ore dressing, raw material extraction, transportation and sorting, development, etc.) to use certain tools, equipment , equipment that allow you to ensure the workflow with maximum efficiency and economic feasibility.

Company PROJECTA is pleased to offer individual logistics solutions for any complexity of cargo.

Load securing (icon)

Development of loading / securing schemes

Vehicle selection (icon)

Selecting the type of transport


Transportation of oversized cargo (icon)

Disposition (icon)

Choosing the best route

Logistics engineering (icon)


Overload (icon)

Organization of the RDP

Consulting (icon)



Customized reporting (icon)

Full reporting and support

Your equipment and machinery will be delivered on time with a high level of financial and technical security.

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