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Petrochemical industry

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is is a branch of the fuel and energy complex, which includes several stages:

  • Exploration
  • Development
  • Operation of oil and oil and gas fields
  • Oil preparation
  • Transport and supply to various consumers
  • Collection and processing of oil products

Each of the stages requires appropriate technical equipment. At the same time, often the equipment or machinery used in the petrochemical industry is large and heavy, which in terms of logistics can characterize it as an industry saturated oversized cargo .

Our solutions are suitable for engineering companies, factories, complexes, suppliers of specialized machinery and equipment.

We are happy to respond to cooperation in the fuel and energy sector and we can say with confidence that our service provides a high level of professionalism, reliability and financial security.

Logistics engineering (icon)


Disposition (icon)

Survey and route planning

Overload (icon)

Organization of the RDP

Vehicle selection (icon)

Selecting the type of transport


Load securing (icon)

Development of lashing and loading schemes

Supervising (icon)


Design team (icon)

Formation of the project team

Coordination (icon)

Project logistics coordination
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