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School of Captain Shmelev

The main criterion for choosing a logistics service provider is certainly the level of his professionalism. But how often do customers hear " We are professionals in our field .. ", " professional logistics operator ... ", " we have a professional approach ... " ? And what sacred meaning is hidden behind the word "professional" and its forms? The answer to the first question is often. And we propose to deal with the second question.



Individual approach (icon)

Individual approach

Safety (icon)



Technical capabilities (icon)

Technical capabilities

Great experience (icon)

Great experience

Loyalty (icon)


Constant support (icon)

Continuous support

Recommendations (icon)


Meeting deadlines (icon)

Meeting Timelines

Undoubtedly, the most important criteria for a supplier's professionalism are his experience and the level of ensuring the safety of transported goods.

In addition to the methods specified in the sections "Quality and safety" , Cargo insurance , " Engineering support " our company is in close relationship with Mr. Anatoly Vasilyevich Shmelev. Anatoly Vasilyevich Shmelev, former sea captain, has been working in the insurance market for the last 14 years. He is currently the Deputy director - senior expert Russurvey LLC (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) Bureau of independent insurance experts .

Shmelev's photo seminar

Anatoly Vasilievich is a high-class specialist. In his activities he is the head of the scientific group "Safe placement and securing of cargo" of the scientific center "Management of cargo transportation by road" OJSC "Research Institute of Road Transport" ( OJSC NIIAT ).

The developments of Mr. Shmelev allow you to control the correctness of cargo fastening and correct existing errors, which further leads to a significant reduction in the risk of damage and accidents.

Photo load securing

European direction

Transport type Auto, multimodal
Loads Prefabricated (LTL, LCL), complete (FTL, FCL)


Transport options 1

Photos from a warehouse in Poland


Transport type Auto, multimodal
Loads Oversized (OVL) cargo requiring engineering support


Transport options 2

Photo overload in Germany


Chinese direction

Transport type Auto
Loads Oversized (OVL) / Standard (FTL) / Prefabricated (LTL)


Transport options 3

Congestion in China


Transportations in ports and railway stations

Transport type

Sea, railway


Oversized (OVL) / Standard (FTL) / Prefabricated (LTL)

Thanks to close partnerships with European, Russian, South Asian, American (North and South), Canadian and other ports, we have privileges PROJECT provides a high level of safety when organizing loading and unloading operations of various types of cargo. We cooperate with leading stevedoring companies, have access to loading and unloading operations and, if necessary, control these processes.

We organize in ports:

  • oversized cargo handling;
  • break balk;
  • RO-RO;
  • Flat-Rack;



overloading of standard cargo of varying complexity

container container



Groupage cargo handling

container - auto

Organization of unloading at railway stations and dead ends

There are situations when the destination station does not have the technical capability to unload the cargo. In this case, PROJECTA is ready to provide professional advice on the selection of the necessary crane equipment and even, if necessary, independently organize the unloading of cargo - we have a wealth of experience in organizing workover operations of various types of complexity.

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