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Road transport is the most flexible method of door-to-door delivery of goods, however, it should be noted that this rule applies & nbsp; primarily for standard cargo (FTL service). For oversized and oversized heavy cargo, situations are often created in which the transportation process is a complex logistic task.

Logistics of oversized cargo by road

We are ready to provide a full range of services, as well as offer additional services for the transportation of oversized cargo

Customized reporting (icon)

Prepare special permissions

Vehicle selection (icon)

Vehicle type selection

Disposition (icon)

Survey and route planning

Control and maintenance (icon)

Cargo control and escort

Logistics engineering (icon)

Composing loading schemes

Overload (icon)


The following equipment is used for the transportation of oversized cargo by road transport

You can familiarize yourself with our works in portfolio .

Unlike most logistics & nbsp; organizations, our company provides engineering services, which is an integral part of our business. The engineering component is especially important for the transportation of oversized cargo, you can find out more about it in the corresponding section - logistics engineering .

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