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Partial cargo transportation service from the best European consolidator

Transportation of small cargoes from several senders along the shortest route on one vehicle is one of the main specializations of the Group of Companies PROJECT . & nbsp; Our company is a large strategic consolidator for various industries and service centers of well-known dealer companies of world equipment manufacturers ... We provide a first-class service for the transportation of consolidated goods & nbsp; through our hub located at the main transport hub (Blon, Poland), connecting Western Europe / non-CIS countries and the CIS countries.

Transportation of groupage cargo to Kazakhstan
Europe China Russia
South America Australia Mongolia
Canada Scandinavia Kazakhstan
Africa India Central Asian Countries
UAE Iran & nbsp;

Our logistics for consolidated cargo is not limited exclusively to road transport. Working with countries such as India, USA, Canada, UAE, Malaysia, South Africa & nbsp; et al., & nbsp; PROJECT & nbsp; combines sea , air & nbsp; and & nbsp; road transport to achieve the best price / delivery ratio.

How do we organize the logistics process for your partial loads?

Step 1. Receiving and processing a request, submitting a bid

Groupage cargo delivery

Unit ldm - loading meter
Sizes 1 Euro pallets 1.2 * 0.8 m - 0.4 ldm (S / 2.4)
Standard tent / Euro truck
Dimensions 1 Euro pallets 1.2 * 0.8 m - 0.4 ldm (S / 2.4)
Capacity 21.5 tons
Net volume 90 m 3
Inner body width 2.45 m
Inside body length 13.6 m
Interior headroom 2.7m
Step 2 . & nbsp; Signing a contract and request for transportation
Step 3 . & nbsp; Loading cargo from the supplier

Interaction with the supplier. At this stage, we guarantee:

Our company undertakes negotiations with the supplier related to the organization of transport delivery (coordination of rolling stock, dates and times of vehicle loading)

  • Rapid transport.

We will arrange delivery of transport within 1-2 days immediately after signing the application.

  • Checking the packaging.

Before accepting the goods for transportation, we check the integrity and reliability of the packaging, while in our warehouse we have the ability to replace the pallet in case of damage.

  • Loading control .

Our drivers are always present at the loading and control the process.

  • Load securing.

We always have a sufficient amount of necessary fastening materials. We use standard and non-standard methods of securing loads (belts, chains, anti-skid mats, wheel chocks).

  • Check all documents.

We check documents for errors, as well as check the correctness and completeness of information.

Storage warehouse

Step 4 . & nbsp; Delivery of groupage cargo to the warehouse

Our logistics base for consolidation cargo is located in Blonie, Poland. The warehouse area is 20,000 m2, the height is 9 meters. There are 27 standard ramps and 7 Drive-In exits. The warehouse employs professionals in their field: forklift drivers of 6-7 category, & nbsp; loaders & nbsp; with extensive experience in loading and unloading operations, warehouse coordinators and safety engineers. The warehouse is equipped with 30 units of specialized equipment. Front loaders with lifting capacity up to 8 tons are available, as well as crane support for difficult handling.

Groupage cargo at the warehouse

Step 5 . & nbsp; Customs clearance and other services
  • cargo storage;
  • consolidation / deconsolidation;
  • cargo marking;
  • weighing;
  • photo report;
  • customs clearance ;
  • palletizing / unpalleting;
  • packaging.
Step 6 . & nbsp; Sending groupage cargo to the country of destination

During consolidation of groupage cargo at the warehouse, we carefully plan the distribution of cargo in the car, determine the best fastening for the cargo, check the quality and condition of the fastening materials.

Step 7 . & nbsp; Delivery of groupage cargo to the client


  • delivery of goods on time;
  • possibility of urgent transportation;
  • weekly dispatch of trucks with groupage cargo to Kazakhstan;
  • selection of the optimal route for unloading points;
  • customs clearance cargo in Kazakhstan;
  • daily information about the location of the cargo.

Delivery of groupage cargo to Kazakhstan

Groupage cargo to Kazakhstan map

Full information can be found in our catalog & nbsp; / view? usp = sharing & nbsp;

Dear friends, colleagues, we are glad to try for the success of your business and are always committed to long-term friendly relations.

Let's go to success together and conquer new horizons!

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