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Medical industry

One of the most important industries is directly related to human health. Of course, health first of all begins with a lifestyle, sports, proper nutrition, sleep, self-improvement, but, as you know, there are often times when a person needs medical attention.

However, what if pharmaceuticals are difficult to obtain, or the technical equipment of the healthcare system does not allow providing the necessary assistance?

Medical industry

There can be two answers to this question: look for a solution abroad or develop healthcare in your country.

At present, the trends of the world economy show us the state interest, the desire to go the second way and create an attractive investment climate for the development of the medical industry, thus making it one of the main vectors of industry development. New pharmaceutical factories are being built, laboratories equipped with specialized equipment are being created, modern hospitals and technically equipped rehabilitation centers are opening.

Dear friends, PROJECTA seeks to promote the development of the medical industry and is ready to offer its logistics capabilities for the implementation of projects:


Expensive equipment (icon)

Transportation of expensive equipment

Rational selection of the type of transport / container

Disposition (icon)

Choosing the best route

load securing (icon)

Cargo insurance (icon)


Groupage and full loads (icon)

Consolidation and logistics processing of goods

Optimization (icon)

Classification decisions

Customs services (icon)


Customized reporting (icon)

Detailed reporting on project logistics
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