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Mechanical engineering

If we turn to history, it becomes quite obvious that in the industrial society, mechanical engineering was the leading industry. It demonstrated the level of development of the country, and also played one of the leading roles in military equipment. With the transition of society to the status of informational, mechanical engineering has not lost its position relative to the past, but on the contrary is trying to keep up with the present and offer such means of production that ensure the competitiveness of the economy of not only individual countries, but also entire regions.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering in general is a very large industry, which in turn is subdivided into rather large sub-branches:

  1. General engineering (agricultural, construction and other machines, equipment)
  2. Heavy engineering (production of heavy machinery)
  3. Medium machine building (automotive, machine tool building)
  4. Precision mechanical engineering (electronics, instrumentation)

Our logistics capabilities in the field of mechanical engineering are truly endless. Our team is pleased to offer various logistics options for completely different tasks:

Tractor (icon)

Transportation of tracked and wheeled vehicles

Load securing (icon)

Development of lashing and loading schemes

Vehicle selection (icon)

Selecting the type of transport

Unmounting (icon)

Abolition of cargo dimensions (dismantling)

Logistics engineering (icon)

Storage (icon)

Interim storage

Groupage and full loads (icon)



Disposition (icon)

Using classic and non-standard routes

We also invite dealers and distributors to familiarize themselves with interesting solutions in the appropriate section .

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