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Timber industry

The forest plays a triple role in our life. First of all, the forest, being one of the main parts of the environment, largely influences the climate: it provides clean water, clean air, protects agricultural lands, creates places for comfortable living and recreation for people, preserves the diversity of wildlife (environment-forming or the ecological role of the forest). On the other hand, forest is a source of many material resources: wood for construction, for the production of paper and furniture, fuel pellets, food and medicinal plants ( economic role of the forest). And, of course, the forest is part of the cultural and historical environment, thanks to it the culture and customs of entire nations are formed. The forest is clearly a source of work, employing a large proportion of the population in some countries (the social role of forests).

Timber industry


Forest is a renewable resource, which is an undeniable advantage over other important, but at the same time limited resources.

Company PROJECTA I am glad to offer my logistic possibilities for the implementation of investment projects in the field of logging and timber processing. We strive to promote the development of the forest industry while striving to maintain the integrity and sustainability of our ecosystem. We do not take part in projects that cause environmental and social harm to the forest.

Transport solutions for:

  • Forestry equipment
  • Chippers
  • Equipment
  • Various machines
  • Tools

Project logistics for construction (modernization / reconstruction):

  • Woodworking enterprises
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Particleboard / Fibreboard Plants
  • Pellet production
  • Furniture factories
  • And other economically and socially important projects.
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