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Multimodal transportation


„There is nothing wrong in change if it is in the right direction“

W. Churchill


  • Your supplier is located in South Africa? 

  • Terms of delivery FAS Baltimore?

  • Need to re-load a complex cargo in the port from Flat Rack container into a car?

  • The shipper sent the cargo to the port and did the paperwork incorrectly?

  • Need to combine several types of transport: motor/sea/railway?

  • Port services are very expensive, but your forwarder does not leave you a choice?


Dear friends and colleagues! Our company has solutions for problems of any level of complexity: The PROJECTA Group of Companies is a qualified multimodal transport operator. Our activities are extensive and encompass many ports, railway junctions, highways and airspaces. We pave the way for your goods between continents, combining Western and Eastern cargo flows as well as South Asian and Central Asian, Far Eastern and Eastern European cargo flows. We also actively work with the countries of the Middle East (Iran, UAE, Turkey) and Africa.

We work with all strategic ports

Морские порты


Our services


Доставка (иконка)



Перегрузка груза (иконка)

Stevedore services 


Документы (иконка)



Инжиниринг (иконка)

Drawing up schemes of fastening and loading of cargo

We pick up cargo from the forwarder’s warehouse and deliver to the consignee’s warehouse

  • Organization of THCO
  • Cargo counting
  • Укладка груза

Registration of all related documents:

  • Bill of lading
  • Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail
  • CMR
  • T1
  • EX1

Find more in logistic engineering

Оптимальный маршрут (иконка)

Choosing the best route

Транспорт (иконка)

Vehicle selection

Страхование (иконка)

Customs and insurance

Фотоотчет (иконка)

Photo report

We offer multi-level logistics, relying on extensive experience in Asia, Europe and the Middle/Far East

We offer an optimal solution for the price/transit time ratio  

We will help with customs clearance and insure your cargo.Details in the relevant sections. customs servicesinsurance

We will prepare a detailed report on the logistics of your cargo


Оптимальный маршрут (иконка)



Поддержка (иконка)

Ongoing support

Документы (иконка)


Перегрузка груза (иконка)

 Unloading services
Daily reporting of the location of your cargo We are available to contact you 24/7, without weekends and holidays We timely provide properly executed shipping and commercial documents Depending on your location, it is possible to provide services for unloading your cargo, including complex out-of-gauge cargoes.

The main task of the PROJECTA Group of Companies in multimodal transportation is to ensure a high level of cargo security for our customers, as well as to provide the best transit time, taking into account all the specifics of cargo, their complexity and route.

You can find out more about the maritime and railway transportation services in the corresponding sections maritime transportationrailway transportation.

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