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Logistics engineering

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Where the idea does noe work with the hand, there is no artist.

Leonardo Da Vinci


A distinctive feature of the PROJECTA service is the provision of customized engineering solutions for complex loads or situations that require technical knowledge and relevant experience. 

Крепление груза (иконка)

Development of cargo securing/positioning schemes


Логистический инжиниринг (иконка)

Reducing the overall dimensions of the cargo (dismantling works)


Оптимизация (иконка)

Optimization of loading space (visualization of the vehicle)

Диспозиция (иконка)

Route survey

Перегрузка (иконка)

Organization of loading and unloading


Подбор транспорта (иконка)

Rational selection of the type of transport for oversized cargo


Супервайзинг (иконка)

Supervising (coordinated by the engineer of loading and unloading operations in complex projects)

It is especially worth noting the usefulness of the engineering component in our company in the implementation of an additional set of measures that enhances the safety of cargo. This complex of services is especially useful for unpacked cargoes that are being internationally transported (most often relevant to equipment).

An example of an additional set of security measures

Крепление груза


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