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„All ingenious is simple“

  J. Goebbels

Комплектные грузы фото

Transportation of the formed (complete) loads by separate road transport is currently one of the most popular types of logistics for international routes Western Europe - CIS countries/countries of Central Asia in the export and import direction.

Often you can hear from a potential customer such phrases as „We choose a company at the lowest price ...“, „Full package transportation is simple logistics ...“, „Everybody does the same work ...“, etc. If you share the opinion „Everyone does their job in the same way ...“, we suggest you visit our section Quality and Safety, where you will find interesting facts that for sure will change your point of view. When working with your complete cargo, the PROJECTA  team is ready to provide first-class transportation services and related services such as:


Срочная подача транспорта (иконка)

Urgent transport supply


Ускорение перевозки (иконка)

Transportations speed-up


Квалификационное решение (иконка)

Documents checking


Адаптированная отчетность (иконка)



Крепление груза (иконка)


Проверка целостности упаковки (иконка)

Package integrity check

Таможенные услуги (иконка)

Диспозиция (иконка)

Daily disposition

Связь с водителем (иконка)

Permanent connection with drivers

Круглосуточная поддержка (иконка)

24 hour support


Our main directions

Europe – Russian Federation (center, north, south, east)
Europe - Kazakhstan and Central Asia
Europe - Mongolia

The following fleet is under our permanent management:

For the direction of Europe — the countries of Central Asia and Mongolia

Type of motor vehicle Volume Tonnage Quantity
Standard road trains (curtain) 86 m3 До 22 t. 96 motor vehicles
Mega trailers (curtain) 98-100 m3 До 22 t max. 54 motor vehicles
Mega trailers (collapsible semi-trailer) 98-100 m3 До 22 t max. 23 motor vehicles
„Coupler“ 120 m3 До 21 t max. 15 motor vehicles

For the direction Europe — Russian Federation

The type of vehicle Volume Tonnage Quantity
Standard road trains (curtain) 86 m3 До 22 t. 254 motor vehicles
Mega trailers (curtain) 98-100 m3 До 22 t. 98 motor vehicles
Mega trailers (collapsible semi-trailer) 98-100 m3 До 22 t. 56 motor vehicles
„Coupler“ 120 m3 До 21 t. 15 motor vehicles

Our Department of Road Transport Coordination regularly conducts supplier qualifications. The requirements for working with the PROJECTA Group of Companies can be found in the appropriate section – Qualification of Suppliers.

For customers, one of the important selection criteria in favor of the PROJECTA Group of Companies is the special attitude of our employees to their business. We are trying to be the best in everything for our Customers, and the friendly atmosphere that is fundamentally the foundation of our company helps it.

Dear friends, be sure that if working with us in the direction of standard cargo, you will receive a non-standard approach that will allow you to positively distinguish our company among transport service providers.

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