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Transfer of cargo

Our team has been handling cargo over 12 years. We can rightfully call ourselves experts in this field and offer our clients the best logistics solutions for various types of cargo.

Инженеры фото

We transfer cargoes with different packaging, using for this purpose, both manual means and mechanical (technical devices and equipment).


Pallet cargoes

Паллетные грузы фото



Биг-бэги фото

Cargoes packed in boxes/crates with (without) frame

Грузы в ящиках фото


Specialized engineering package


Специальная упаковка груза


Cargo unpacked (with / without wrapping in stretch film)

Груз без упаковки фото


Wheel machinery and equipment


Перегрузка оборудования фото


We organize top, side, rear transfer + transfer under own power.

Crane loading

Motor vehicle

Погрузка краном на авто



Погрузка краном контейнер



Погрузка краном на жд

Break Bulk

Погрузка Break Bulk


Side loading

Motor vehicle

Погрузка сбоку на авто



Погрузка сбоку в контейнер


Rear loading

Motor vehicle

Погрузка задом на авто



Погрузка сзади в контейнер


Transfer under own power

Motor vehicle

Погрузка своим ходом на авто



Погрузка своим ходом на жд



Погрузка ро-ро


When transferring cargo, we are very enthusiastic and extremely attentive to every cargo position:

  • we check the packaging (we strengthen, supplement or replace it if necessary);
  • check the integrity of the cargo, its paintwork (in the absence of packaging);
  • take photos;
  • we mark the cargo;
  • we weigh (check on compliance of weight with documents);
  • we place for storage (depending on the characteristics of the cargo);
  • provide an option of video surveillance with online broadcasting;
  • we select the necessary equipment;
  • we form a project team for handling heavy cargo;
  • etc.

For complex out-of-gauge/heavy haulage, PROJECTA organizes the presence of a supervisor at the site to coordinate the work of specialists and control the loading and unloading operations, see more in section Logistic Engineering.

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In this section you can find additional information on cargo handling for different directions — European direction, Chinese direction, transfer in ports and railway stations.

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