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Школа капитана Шмелева

The main criterion for choosing a logistics service provider is, of course, the level of its professionalism. But how often do customers hear “We are professionals in our field...”, “professional logistics operator ...”, “we have a professional approach ...”? And what is the sacred meaning behind the word "professional" and its forms? The answer to the first question is often. What about the second questions – let’s figure it out.



Индивидуальный подход (иконка)

Individual approach

Безопасность (иконка)



Технические возможности (иконка)

Technical capabilities

Большой опыт (иконка)

Vast experience

Лояльность (иконка)


Постоянная поддержка (иконка)

Ongoing support

Рекомендации (иконка)


Соблюдение сроков (иконка)


Of course, the most important criteria of a supplier’s professionalism are its experience and the level of safety of the cargo transported.

n addition to the methods specified in the sections Quality and Safety, Cargo Insurance, Engineering Support, our company is in close relations with Mr. Anatoly Vasilyevich Shmelev. Anatoly Vasilievich Shmelev, a former captain of the sea, has been working in the insurance market for the last 14 years. Currently, he is Deputy Director - Senior Expert of OOO Russurvey (Minsk, Belarus) Bureau of Independent Insurance Experts.

Фото семинар Шмелева

Anatoly Vasilievich - a high-class specialist. In his activities, he is the Head of the scientific group “Safe placement and securing of cargoes” of the scientific center “Management of cargo transportation by road” of the Scientific-Research Institute of Automobile Transport (NIIAT Ltd.).

Mr. Shmelev’s developments make it possible to control the correctness of cargo securing and correct existing errors, which further leads to a significant reduction in the risk of damage and accidents.

Фото крепление груза

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