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Quality and safety

The most important criteria for choosing a logistics provider is undoubtedly the quality of the services provided and the proper level of security of the cargo flow.
The PROJECTA Group of Companies, using its engineering potential and rich experience, is pleased to offer a set of measures ensuring a high level of safety and quality of the services provided:

Проверка груза (иконка)

Inspection of cargo and/or packaging prior to acceptance
  • Checking the integrity and adequacy of packaging
  • Checking pallet for damage
  • Checking the paintwork
  • Detection of obvious damage to the cargo

Перегрузка (иконка)

Monitoring the loading and securing process
  • Providing enough fasteners (belts, rugs, chains, etc.)
  • Recommendations for securing cargo
  • Photo report

Адаптированная отчетность

  • Verification of documents for errors in advance of crossing the border
  • Drawing up breakdown by HS codes
  • Electronic Preliminary Information to Customs (EPI)
  • Border control

Диспозиция (иконка)

  • Daily information about the location of the goods
  • Compilation of detailed traffic flow reports
The strengths of the quality and safety of our service also include the following important points:
High loyalty - we are going to support the client, especially in difficult situations.
Insurance coverage - we cooperate only with reputable foreign insurance companies (see section Insurance ).
Logistics engineering - development of individual solutions, additional security, optimization, supervising, etc. (see section Logistic Engineering).

Качество и безопасность фото

Dear friends, our development vector is always aimed at improving the quality and safety of the services provided, and we are happy to work for you!
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