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The role of Minsk in the project of the Eurasia highway should not be limited to transit

The role of Minsk in the project of the Eurasia highway should not be limited to transit

Belarus as a part of the implementation of the high-speed highway project from China to Western Europe should not only be considered as a transit territory — the country should become a full-fledged transport and logistics hub, taking into account proximity of sea ports of the Baltic Sea. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by the Scientific Secretary of the Interdepartamental Coordination Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences „Transnational Development of the Eurasian Continent“.

“Belarus should become not just a transit territory, but a full-fledged transport and logistics center, taking into account the proximity of the Baltic seaports, as well as Poland and Ukraine,” said V. Litvintsev at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The next meeting is devoted to the role of science in the formation of a single scientific and technological space of the Union State. The main theme is the scientific support of the strategic project "United Eurasia", in particular the creation of a new generation of transcontinental transport system.

For his part, the Deputy State Secretary of the Union State, participating in the meeting, Alexey Kubrin added that Belarus in the context of the creation of the High-speed Railway also needs to become a forge of scientific and industrial personnel capable of ensuring its development.


„ As part of the interaction of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Russian Academy of Sciences, the country should be considered not just as a transit territory, but as a forge of industrial and educational personnel. And here it is necessary to count on the potential that the Union State has, ” — A. Kubrin noted.


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The total length of the high-speed “Eurasia” highway, which will run from Beijing to Berlin through Nur-Sultan, Moscow and Minsk, will be 9,447 km, including 2,366 km across Russia. The total capital expenditures for the construction of the Brest (Belarus) - Dostyk (Kazakhstan) section amount to 7.08 trillion rubles, and that of the Dostyk - Urumqi (China) section - 0.76 trillion rubles.


The cost of the Russian section of the Eurasia VSM is estimated at 3.58 trillion rubles. The length of the trunk road on the territory of Russia will exceed 2.3 thousand km along the Krasnoye route (border with Belarus) - Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Chelyabinsk - Zolotaya Sopka (border with Kazakhstan). Entering various high-speed sections into operation is possible at different times.


According to preliminary calculations, the cargo-and-passenger VSM “Eurasia” will become the world's largest project in the field of railway transport and will allow combining the largest high-speed transport systems in Europe and China. Its implementation will provide an opportunity to change the structure of transcontinental transportation and improve the competitiveness of rail transport, as well as create significant socio-economic and agglomerative effects.


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