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Customs services

Customs clearance of goods implies a complex of various operations that require special knowledge in the field of customs legislation. The very process of importing cargo into the country begins from the moment it crosses the state border. This stage is accompanied by preliminary customs clearance, but the final stage takes place at the customs office of destination (the place where import import duties are paid, as well as taxes and other necessary fees are paid).


Our specialists control the correctness of the shipping documents and strive to avoid unpleasant situations that may arise when crossing the border. When transporting by road, it is especially important to pre-inform the customs about the amount of goods transported, TN VED codes, amounts, weight, etc. After all, as you know, errors in paperwork, an attempt to transport goods without the appropriate documents can lead to delays in the delivery of goods, and in extreme cases to confiscation (seizure of goods).

Our services

To customs of destination At the customs of destination
  • Verification of documents
  • Bug fixes
  • Compilation of breakdowns by TN VED codes
  • Electronic Pre-Notification (EPI)
  • T1 design
  • EX1 design
  • Issuing a transit guarantee
  • Making a transit declaration
  • TIR carnet design
  • Informational support
  • Product classification
  • Calculation of customs payments
  • Filling in and submitting a declaration
  • Interaction with customs
  • Consulting on foreign economic activity
  • Certification
  • Placement at a customs warehouse
  • Inspection of goods
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a classification decision & nbsp;
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